Why does it take so long to get and feel better? I want it now…a quick fix, one thing to do to make the pain better.” There are treatments that can do just that, but the time-frame may depend on how long you lived with this pain. A good analogy is that your pain is like having  a rock in your shoe with the rock representing your problem or dysfunction. Once you feel the rock in your shoe, if you take care of the rock immediately, you feel better immediately, with no residual pain or problems. If you feel you don’t have to time to get the rock out immediately and you continue to walk on it, your pain will increase. Eventually you forget the the rock is the problem, and you begin to concentrate on the pain. You massage your heel, ice it, take medications or get injections for the pain, but the relief will only be temporary because of the rock that keeps aggravating your heel. Once the rock is removed from your shoe, your pain will be somewhat better but not eliminated because now you have damage to the tissues of your heel. So the longer you have your problem, the higher the potential for damage and for compensating movements. Once we find out the original problem causing your pain, we will have to allow time for proper healing of the root problem. With proper training, you can learn to move correctly to prevent any further problems. We are the rock finders, making sure we get to the root of the problem, not just the symptoms.