Experiencing pain during pregnancy is common and all too often is just brushed off as “This is normal. I’m pregnant and I’m going to hurt.” Many reasons exist for low back pain during pregnancy, however, in many cases, the main culprit is an increase in the release of the hormone Relaxin. During pregnancy, this hormone can increase up to 10 times the normal concentration in the body. Its function is  preparing the body for delivery by increasing joint laxity. Increased joint laxity or hypermobility without increased stability (muscle motor control) often leads to pain. Implementing the right stretching and strengthening program can significantly reduce musculoskeletal pains associated with pregnancy.

In addition,  proper, safe and effective soft tissue mobilization of scar tissue that forms after a caesarean section is very important. Scar tissue can bind down on visceral organs causing hypomobility of surrounding structures. Often complications with bowel, bladder (incontinence), digestive, and even low back and pelvic pain can occur years after a C section if the scar tissue is not properly treated.  All of these pregnancy issues can be successfully treated by our physical therapists at JGPT.

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