Discover How to END Jaw Pain – Without Taking Painkillers OR Having to Call and See Your Physician!

Learn 8 different ways to ease jaw pain… even if you’ve suffered for months or years and your doctor told you nothing could be done to help!

If you’re suffering from Jaw pain or Temporomandibular Joint pain (TMJ for short), or you have symptoms of terrible headaches or pain with chewing, the first thing we want you to know is that we’re familiar with your problem. ALL of your concerns are real and you ARE looking in the right place for a solution to end it fast.

The Temporomandibular joint, TMJ for short, is the hinge joint that connects your jaw to your skull. When you open and close your mouth, the joint slides with the help of a disc that is located within the joint. There are several muscles of the jaw that allow the joints to move up and down, side to side, and forward and back.

TMJ dysfunction occurs when the ball and socket does not work as it should. Meaning there is a misalignment or damage to the disc, or the muscles have become tight, decreasing normal joint motion. This includes any condition that causes pain or limits motion in your jaw.

If You’re Worried About What’s Causing Your Pain Or Just Feel Let Down By Your Doctor That wasn’t able to Offer The Right  Solution…one that didn’t involve harmful painkillers, then We’re Here To Help.

We are NOT like all the other physical therapists out there. We are private physical therapists expertly trained and specializing in helping people like you with Jaw and Headache Pain.

Unlike many physicians these days, WE WILL take the time to listen to you, and we do want to hear all about what’s concerning you.

And if you’re suffering with Jaw pain, one of our goals is to offer you a solution that will let you avoid the need for harmful medication.

You Can Get Relief Quickly.

We see this type of pain EVERY DAY. Despite an often lack of visible signs of damage or injury, which may be a source of confusion, we know what you’re suffering from is real, painful and shouldn’t be ignored. More importantly, there is HOPE for a future that doesn’t include you being wakin up during the night by nagging Jaw Pain.

This is Not Because of Your Age And You Do Not Have To Accept The Pain!

Despite what any Doctor tells you, your pain is unlikely to have anything to do with your age, nor do you just have to accept it. It’s sad, but true that so many Doctors fail to recognize the warning signs of Jaw Pain and FAIL to act before “nagging and annoying” turns SEVERE and PAINFUL.

This type of thing can get worse quick and is sure to happen if it’s just masked with painkillers. You won’t need us to remind you that life would be even more difficult if you’re suffering with the severe headaches and intense pain that so often results because your real underlying problem is ignored.

Here’s Who We Can Help…

If you can say “YES” to any of the following, then it’s very likely that we can help you in the way that you hope:  

  • You’ve got tension and/or pain in your jaw area that’s been there for longer than 7 days.

  • Your sleep is disturbed by a tightness or tension in your jaw that gets worse through the night.

  • You’re suffering from pain DAILY, are concerned, and have no idea why it even happened to you.

  • You spend a lot of time talking for your job and the more you open the mouth the more the pain is worse.

  • You’ve only been given painkillers by your doctor, but secretly know that this is not the best option (or the one you want to take).

  • You’ve got headaches and or migraines that seem to be getting more intense or more frequent – or you’re worried about either coming back.

Basically, we can help you get back to living life free
from the curse of chronic JAW pain

Maybe You’ve Had Enough Of Living With All This Pain (And Tension) And Want A Hands-On Physical Therapist To Finally “End It All For You” And Fast?

If that’s you, then GREAT NEWS, because we have solutions that work at ending jaw pain (quickly and naturally).

Specialist Hands-On Manual Physical Therapy involves our team working on you in person, and by hand, using all our BEST techniques to bring about a FAST end to the suffering and concerns you are experiencing. Manual Realignment of your neck is VITAL and is the fastest and easiest way to end all this pain and it can often happen in days.

Don’t worry – it’s easy and it’s simple to do. We can absolutely GUARANTEE that when we combine all of our manual techniques, you’re going to feel a BIG difference and your pain will DROP quickly.

Hear From Happy Clients

My 9-year-old son and I left our pediatric dentist office frustrated and disappointed. I knew something was not right with his jaw as he had been shifting and adjusting it regularly for comfort over the past few months. He looked to be in a lot of pain, but wouldn’t admit it. The dentist said nothing is wrong and he needs to stop doing it.

I shared this frustration with a friend and she recommenced having a PT look at him. Physical therapy for your jaw? Never would have thought about this; I needed help and decided to make an appointment. This was the BEST decision and recommendation we could have ever received!!!

The therapist took the time to assess my son from the shoulder’s up, showed my son images of the bones and muscles in this area and which muscles are strained on him. In addition to some shoulder and neck issues which is likely from playing the violin, The therapist confirmed Aidan has TMJ and it is painful! No momma wants her son in pain and every momma wants to fix it! This is completely out of my knowledge range. I am so very thankful to this team for their communication skills with kids, their knowledge on the bones and muscles of the human body, for giving this momma peace, and most importantly for providing my son with a treatment plan (both exercises at home and therapy at future appointments) so we can overcome this hurdle!