Falling directly onto your tailbone or trauma from vaginal childbirth are two common causes of tailbone pain or coccydynia, a commonly misdiagnosed condition. A third of the cases involving pain in or around the coccyx are idiopathic, but very treatable by functional manual physical therapy.

Coccydynia can make normal daily activities such as sitting, defecation, and sexual intercourse, uncomfortable and painful. The pain is usually described as being both dull and achy and can be sharp during specific activities such as rising from a prolonged sitting position to a standing one.

At JGPT Beaches, our physical therapists understand the importance of the coccyx as it is the only lumbopelvic girdle structure whose dysfunction is not improved through treatment of other structural dysfunctions in the region. It is a key structure that when normalized will often alleviate dysfunctions in its surrounding structures.

We are skilled in assessing and identifying the possible factors contributing to a patient’s coccyx pain and are trained to use effective functional manual techniques that provide relief of symptoms and greater function after just one visit.