If you have to move your whole chest and body, when all you want to do is turn your head and look over your shoulder, that’s a sign that something is VERY wrong.
And its likely been building for months.
Let’s talk about what not to do:
The obvious is painkillers. DON’T reach for more medicine, and DON’T make an appointment with your doctor.
This type of problem is caused by joints “LOCKED” and muscles TENSE, like an elastic band stretched to its limits.
And painkillers will do NOTHING. To be honest, at this stage, even exercises won’t help.
What you need is to get those stuck joints MOVING, your body RE-ALIGNED, and those muscles eased by a very deep manual therapy. If you haven’t experienced it before, its sort of like a massage, combined stretching and movement, taken to a new level, a level that is purposeful, productive, and healing. All done with your clothes on, and sorry, but no relaxing music. Instead, you’ll find a friendly therapist that’s going to talk through the whole HEALING PROCESS with you.
Then with your movement problems and pain issues solved, when you neck is moving freely, and those tight muscles are relaxing,  then’s the time to start some exercises, so that you can maintain your movement.
That’s exactly how we help people in our clinic, day after day, one person at a time. If you don’t believe that we can help you, ask for a free 15 minute DISCOVERY VISIT. At no cost to you, you can share your story with us. No one should have to live with neck or back pain and restrictions. Not when there is an answer.
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