Why am I getting shoulder pain?

Shoulder pain can be very debilitating and it can prevent you from doing the activities you want to do. It can keep you from competing in your next tennis match or it may be keeping you from holding your toddler. Either way, shoulder pain will infiltrate itself into all aspects of your life. There are many different causes of shoulder pain. 

Unless you had a traumatic injury specific to the shoulder, pain often comes on over time due to repetitive stress. Often, the shoulder is injured through poor movement habits due to poor body mechanics.

It is important to rule out issues such as a pinched nerve in the neck, decreased strength in your arm, limited rib movement, and any neural tension because these can all contribute to poor movement patterns. 

Ask yourself:

-do I have any neck issues

-am I experiencing numbness/tingling in the arm

-does my breathing feel restricted

-is the pain only when I move my arm

These are all issues that can be assessed and addressed by a manual physical therapist! Do not LIVE with debilitating shoulder pain.