Today, we’ll be talking about the “tipping bird” exercise.
We have noticed this exercise is much harder for people to do than it should be, but it’s such a basic function golfer’s often use to pick up the golf ball. It includes the use of your glutes and hamstrings, but also an element of balance.
1️⃣ The biggest problem we tend to see is how most people bend over using their back instead of hinging at the hip. This places increased strain to your lumbar spine and the average person doesn’t activate their core to protect their spine during this movement.
2️⃣ The second biggest problem is twisting at the hip when bending over. This indicates a strength problem in your glutes. Instead of keeping the pelvis level, most people tend to twist at the hip to make it easier to resist gravity on the stance leg, but this actually is just resting in the ligaments of the hip.
✅ Benefits of doing this activity correctly:
-Increased stability of the hip and spine
-Decreased strain to your low back and hip
-Decreased risk of back injury
-Improved longevity in your golf game
(In the pictures below, it is important to note that Luca’s hamstrings are tight and that will also limit a good looking tipping bird exercise/movement).
If you have trouble with this exercise you may have further underlying problems that we can help fix for you.
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