What to wear at your therapy session?

Wear comfortable, stretchy or loose work-out type clothing that allows the therapist to access the area being treated. For example, if you have a knee injury, shorts would be ideal. If you have a shoulder injury, perhaps a loose shirt. You are welcome to change into comfortable clothing here.

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Does Physical Therapy hurt?

Great question! PT is a very physical experience and treatments can be uncomfortable at times, but we will always aim to be as gentle as possible, causing minimal discomfort, and you can be our guide. Most patients agree that it’s a good kind of pain, like the stretch one would feel during an intense workout, [...]

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Is Physical Therapy right for me?

Honestly, as our bodies age, everyone could benefit from advanced manual physical therapy in order to maintain mobility, flexibility, and proper alignment. Physical therapy is the most beneficial and often the most overlooked medical discipline. It combines the muscular relief of massage and the joint mobilization of a chiropractor, along with additional advanced techniques to [...]

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